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Introducing our law firm

Our Practice Areas


Labor & Employment

The mediators and arbitrators in our Employment Practice Group have handled countless employment matters of all types and sizes. Some of the many cases we have handled include: Wage & Hour Dispute Resolution, Wrongful Termination and Retaliation Dispute Resolution, and many more.


Personal Injury & Tort 

Our Personal Injury panel is made up of highly skilled litigators who have gained the trust and respect of both plaintiff and defense bars, as well as insurance counsel. Our mediators are persuasive and persistent, handling disputes by putting forward creative solutions for fair and reasoned settlements.


Family Law

AMANDA provides a timely and private process for the resolution of Family Law disputes. Our neutrals are experts in the field and have the expertise to provide a timely resolution, at competitive rates, with the privacy and comfort that helps parties with arriving at a resolution.


Commercial/Business Law

AMANDA provides an efficient and effective alternative dispute resolution system for business-to-business (B2B) claims. Our defining goal is to get all parties back to their everyday business as quickly as possible by utilizing specialized rules and processes tailored to whatever type of business dispute you may have.  


Americans with Disabilities Act

The mediators and arbitrators in our Americans with Disabilities Act Practice Group have handled cases of all types and sizes, and they thoroughly understand the intricacies of the legislation and how to resolve these types of disputes. 


Consumer Fraud

AMANDA provides it’s streamlined and fair administration for disputes. Whether it be a consumer class action, or any other type of consumer fraud litigation, our panel of expert neutrals will render a fair settlement and timely overall process.

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