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AMANDA ADR is designed by practitioners, for practitioners.


For mediations, we believe that utilizing Neutrals who are active practitioners allow principals in a dispute to obtain more active dispute resolution value. Although using non-active practitioners may also be effective, we believe that using active practitioners provides for more immediate, urgent and compelling services. Neutrals who are up to date on developments in the various practice areas are more effective. Although they are not providing legal advice, our Neutrals are up to date and understand new legal developments that may affect the posture of any settlement position. Our Neutrals have had years of experience in participating in mediations, both as mediators and as advocates.


For arbitrations, AMANDA has designed streamlined arbitration processes that minimize the cost of arbitrations and compel quick resolution of any claims. For any company seeking to quickly, effectively and fairly, resolve any disputes with its employees, end-users or customers, AMANDA must become the designated arbitration provider of choice. AMANDA's arbitration rules provides for the following cost-effective procedures that will limit the cost for all arbitrations*:

  1. All arbitrations are capped at $30,000,

  2. Multiple claims from different claimants may be consolidated,

  3. Limit of one deposition, with a three hour maximum (Arbitrator may attend depositions, if necessary),

  4. 60 days for fact discovery; 60 days for expert discovery,

  5. All hearings will be located at Respondent's (or its attorney's) office,

  6. All parties hosting a hearing must provide morning refreshments plus lunch,

  7. Arbitrators may conduct fact-finding at initial hearing, where principals may be required to attend,

  8. Easy to use arbitration rules, with Fed.R.Civ.P. as guidance.


*All rules are subject to change at the discretion of the designated arbitrator.

Our Vision

Our mediation and arbitration services are intentionally narrow in scope; we aim to provide the best, most efficient and fair proceedings available to disputing parties. 

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