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Steven A. Krieger


Consumer Protection Law

Family Law

Real Estate Law


Washington, D.C.


Steven is the Managing Partner of Steven Krieger Law, PLLC, a small law firm (less than ten attorneys and non-attorneys) that serves the D.C. and northern Virginia community.


Steven opened Steven Krieger Law, PLLC, to provide high-quality legal counsel to individuals and small businesses for whom finding legal counsel is impossible or impractical.  The majority of the United States population is middle class, but our justice system is primarily set-up to address the legal concerns of people at either margin – pro bono services for the very poor and large private firms for the wealthiest.  Steven Krieger Law was formed to fill this void by operating a civil litigation law practice focused on “practical solutions, honest advice, for everyone.”


Steven’s firm focuses on real estate, consumer protection, defamation, family law, and contracts/agreements generally. For small businesses or start-up companies, contracts or agreements often make-up the foundation of the business (by laws, articles of incorporation, agreements with clients/customers, contracts with suppliers, contracts for internal staffing, lease agreements, etc.) and the vast majority of small business or start-ups forgo legal counsel because it is not accessible or affordable.


In 2014, Steven founded Access to Justice Lawyer Referral Service (“ATJLRS”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help more “low bono” or “modest means” clients find affordable legal representation and is currently the Executive Director of ATJLRS.


Steven has almost twenty years of public interest advocacy and experience -- legal and non-legal.  Steven earned his Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law.  Prior to law school, Steven earned a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Michigan School of Business. 


Steven has published four legal articles:

  • The Difficulty in Waiving the Appellate Bond Requirement for Indigent Defendants Appealing from General District Court to Circuit Court Pursuant to § 16.1-107, Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy  (forthcoming, Spring 2020);

  • Low Bono Legal Counsel: Closing the Access to Justice Gap by Providing the Middle Class with Affordable Attorneys, 18 The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice 144 (2016);

  • Do “Tough on Crime” Politicians Win More Elections? An Empirical Analysis of California State Legislators from 1992 to 2000, 45 Creighton Law Review 131 (2011);

  • Why Our Justice System Convicts Innocent People and the Challenges Faced By Innocence Projects Trying to Exonerate Them, 14 New Criminal Law Review 333 (2011).

Steven is married and has two children and enjoys playing tennis, landscaping, and baking.

To schedule a mediation or arbitration with Mr. Krieger or to obtain his fee schedule, 

Please contact or call (212) 465-1128. 

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